Know more about your customers, promote your own brand and earn money. Let your customers be more engaged, loyal and satisfied.

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WiFi marketing

It doesn’t matter if you’re running a small restaurant or a large company with thousands of visitors, you always need to communicate with your customers. SOCIFI will provide the free WiFi connection and deliver valuable content relevant to your business and your customers’ needs.

  • own brand promotion
  • increase user engagement, loyalty and sales
  • advanced user analysis
  • social media integration

Setup & promote your brand

SOCIFI is an easy-to-use platform. Customize the look of your hotspot splash page. Insert your logo, background and brand name. We automatically prepare responsive version for all devices and resolutions.


Engagement is the key

There is a lot of ways how customers can reward you for using free WiFi.



Get more Likes of your fan page. Let customer read and share your Facebook feed content.



Get more relevant followers, more retweets and communicate with users on the global trending social network.


Banners, surveys, offers

Get the valuable insights, ask your customers for feedback or deliver them tailored content relevant to your business through responsive banners.


How does it work?

Coffee House uses SOCIFI for collecting new relevant followers on the social networks. You can see how easily users get engaged.

Manage it all in one place

SOCIFI is a cloud-based platform enabling you to manage it all in one place through SOCIFI Dashboard. Manage all your brands, campaigns and hotspots, monitor money flow, get user analysis. Quickly. Safely. Simply.

SOCIFI Dashboard

SOCIFI data export

Comprehensive user data export

Get the maximum from SOCIFI and import collected user data to many systems as Mailchimp, and other popular systems. All user data from SOCIFI Dashboard can be simply exported as an universal CSV file.

Start with WiFi advertising. Now!

To start with mobile marketing has never been easier. Whether you are WiFi a provider or an advertiser you get an innovative advertising system, join SOCIFI and be loved by your customers. Get started now and open FREE account.

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